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You might need a hood cleaning in response to a Woodland Heights Fire Marshal’s request. Or you might have a request from your insurance provider to prove that you’re getting your restaurant hood cleaning done regularly. Or you might simply find that it’s time to replace a hood cleaning firm that’s not meeting your needs. In any case – we’d like to earn your business and make sure that your commercial kitchen hood is being taken care of.

NFPA 96 Standards Hood Cleaning


Our Team will respond quickly to your request. If you’re in the Woodland Heights area, we can call you back and possibly come out the same day to inspect and quote.

NFPA 96 Standards Hood Cleaning
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HotShot Hood Cleaning has experts that are 100% Trained Hood Cleaners to follow the NFPA 96 standards for Hood Cleaning Services that are located in Woodland Heights. 

HotShot Hood Cleaning has been serving the greater Woodland Heights area for many years.  We have trained and skilled hood cleaning techs who have not only been doing hood cleaning for Woodland Heights restaurants, yet we have cleaned hoods in institutions, special event centers, helped living residences, healthcare facilities, hotels – well practically about any location that has a professional kitchen that is nearby Woodland Heights.

When it comes to educating, our Woodland Heights  experts follow the National Fire Protection Association Code 96 for Hood Cleaning in Woodland Heights adopt, thus they are vital to adhere to. The criteria in place are to avoid electrical, fire, and other hazards which could lead to a huge economic loss.  We believe it is important to prevent property damage, injury and even death by making sure all experts are thoroughly trained before they are able to go out into the field to perform the best hood cleaning.

The codes also specify how frequently a Woodland Heights commercial kitchen’s hood cleaning should be performed. Contaminants and grease can build up in the hood if it is not cleaned by a professional on a regular basis, causing grease to leak onto the roof. This creates a serious fire hazard because the smallest spark could set the grease on fire.  We’ve seen this happen before, (fortunately, not in Woodland Heights), and the building damage may cause the restaurant to close. Another reason to hire a professional hood cleaner is for the sake of insurance. If a fire occurs and the owner/manager cannot prove that their hood has been thoroughly cleaned, the damage may not be covered.

Diner Hood Cleaning Service and Total Inspection nearby Woodland Heights

At HotShot Hood Cleaning we believe it is critical to remove grease not only in the ducts, but also in the fans, turbines, and any other areas where grease has accrued. We polish the hood once the grease is removed to give it that “like new” appearance. Woodland Heights Restaurant Inspectors will be able to see that the hood was thoroughly cleaned because our specialists will place a dated sticker on it.

The health department and the Woodland Heights Fire Department are increasingly requesting that cafeteria kitchens have their hoods professionally cleaned in Woodland Heights. sixty-four percent of the fires reported were thought to be caused by grease buildup. We’ve received numerous calls from panicked restaurant landlords asking with us to clean their hood as soon as possible since they fear they are going to be shut down if it isn’t done within a specified amount of time.

How Often Should a Hood Cleaning Service be done on a Restaurant Hood Exhaust System?

Many bistro managers in Woodland Heights are unsure how often they should have their hoods cleaned by a professional. The National Fire Protection Association makes the following recommendations:

If a cafe kitchen is using solid fuels like charcoal, coal, wood or wood pellets, the hood should be cleaned once a month.

If a cafeteria kitchen is open twenty-four hours a day, wok cooking or charbroiling (especially hamburger places), the hood should be cleaned once every three months.

There are many kitchens that see moderate use so they may need only have a professional hood cleaning done twice a year.

They recommend annually if the kitchen does a low volume of cooking. Places like these are typically senior centers, churches, day camps and seasonal businesses.

Our team of hood cleaning service experts that serve Woodland Heights will check the system and, if necessary, make repair recommendations. They’ll also determine how often the exhaust system needs to be cleaned and include that information on the sticker. This is essential to the restaurant supervisor because it keeps the health department and fire department at bay, as well as the insurance company satisfied.

We Pride Ourselves as Woodland Heights’s Hood Cleaning Professionals

You will be greeted professionally when you contact HotShot Hood Cleaning. Because every bistro kitchen is set up differently, it is often impossible for us to offer you an estimation over the phone. We may need to have one of our hood cleaning techs come out to see how much buildup has accumulated since the prior hood cleaning, depending on when you had the hood professionally cleaned. Also, the size of the hood comes into play and also the accumulation that may be on the roof.

Many times, when we arrived to offer an estimate, we discovered that the previous Woodland Heights hood cleaners had failed to remove the grease that had spilled over onto the roof. We had to use shovels to remove the pounds of grease from the roof. This is quite dangerous since it can seriously damage the roof, calling for roof restoring. Also, if it rains or snow melts, the grease will mix with the water and wash down the building’s side into the storm drains. This could result in an environmental hazard, and the restaurant owner/manager will be held responsible. Fines and clean-up can be pretty steep.

Many Woodland Heights cafeteria kitchens we speak with rely on their labor force to keep the hood clean. Because they are not professionally trained, they may not be aware of all the areas that need to be cleaned. It’s also crucial to properly dispose of the grease. Please take a peek at our About Us page before calling us for further information.

We Provide You with the Proof You Need with a Hood Cleaning Service Certification Sticker and Digital Pictures for your Woodland Heights Fire Marshal

Our professionals will take before and after digital images for your records when you agree to use us. We’ll also put a sticker on the hood with our name on it and the service date. As a result, many commercial kitchen proprietors have noticed a reduction in their insurance premiums. It’ll also come in handy if a Woodland Heights Fire Inspector or a Health Inspector shows up for one of their “surprise” visits.

Contact us today to schedule your hood cleaning service and you will see why our clients in Woodland Heights love us!

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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

You might not realize it, but your cafeteria’s kitchen exhaust system is one of the dirtiest areas in your entire enterprise. It’s filled with grease and grime that can be extremely dangerous if left unchecked. At HotShot Hood Cleaning, we make sure every area of your hood ventilation system is thoroughly cleaned so you don’t have to worry about any safety hazards.

We offer professional cleaning services for all types of commercial kitchens including restaurants, bars, cafeterias, hotels and more! Our team will come out to inspect your hood system and provide a thorough cleaning service that leaves no area untouched. We also offer photo documentation services so you know exactly what was done during our visit! No other establishment offers this level of detail when it comes to cleaning commercial hood systems. Trust us – once you see how clean we get things at HotShot Hood Cleaning, you won’t want anyone else working on your restaurant exhaust system again!

Click here today to schedule an appointment with HotShot Hood Cleaning for fast-acting results from the best commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning.

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Rooftop Grease Containment

If you are looking for the best way to shield your roof from getting damaged by burdensome accumulation of grease out of your exhaust fan system, then look no further. We have several sizes that will fit any business cooking grease volume and most importantly, we can help you to avoid those hefty fines! The EPA can give you up to $5000 in fines if they find out that you don’t have a proper commercial exhaust grease containment system. You won’t find another firm like us who is willing to go further just so our businesses stay happy.

Call us today at (713) 352-7999 or click this link right now so we can get started on protecting your roof! Don’t wait until it’s too late because the EPA might be knocking on your door before you know it. We offer a warranty with every purchase which means if anything goes wrong, we gotcha covered! What do ya say? Are we friends yet? Let’s make this happen already! Click here now to find out more about rooftop grease containment for your restaurant.

Rooftop Exhaust Fan Hinge Installation

If you’re not familiar with the importance of exhaust fan hinges, here’s a quick rundown. Exhaust turbines must be installed in such a way that they can ventilate smoke and fumes from cooking appliances. This is usually done by installing an upblast or side-wall mounted exhaust fan above the cooking surface. The most common kind of hinge used to attach these types of fans is called a “swing out” hinge. These hinged devices allow for easy access to clean and preserve the unit while also allowing it to swing open when necessary for cleaning purposes.

Exhaust Fan Hinges Are Required By Law On Upblast Exhaust Fans! 

Restaurant Exhaust Fan Hinges Are One Of The Most Important Yet Overlooked Fan Accessories! 

You need reliable restaurant equipment like this at prices you can afford – which is where we come in! We have been providing hinge kits at wholesale cost since we started our company.  Whenever we come across an exhaust fan with no hinges or broken hinges, we take pictures and show you.  Then we order the parts so that we can install them during our next hood cleaning. If you know, for sure, that you need exhaust fan hinges installed, let us know and we’ll make sure to have a set with us to install on our next visit.  We offer standard duty and heavy duty hinges.  Take a look at our Rooftop Exhaust Fan Hinge page for more details.

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